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Smooth Skin using a Stone

We are all after that perfect skin and we do a lot of things to try and achieve this. There are many great products that help give that soft and smooth feeling, face scrubs being the most popular, but they can only go so far, you wouldn't want to waste all that face scrub on your whole body.

There are some great sponges that help to achieve this but you do need that extra kick to help remove all that dead skin and something that really leaves you feeling like a new person after a shower.

Well, this unique exfoliator stone from Pierre de Plaisir was created for just that purpose, To leave your skin feeling like it never has before but in a simple and natural way. It may be small but it is mighty, giving your skin intense exfoliation while supporting your body's natural regeneration.

Not only does it leave your skin feeling amazing but this little stone helps combat stretch marks and cellulite as well as removing that tough thickening of the skin on your feet and hands, as natural as this skin thickening is, it can cause infections and cracking which is rather paining in the long run.

But you have to remember it is a stone and if not used probably can cause damage like anyother product, the stone is best used 2-3 times a week and is best used with a natural soap or gel, I learnt this the hard way the first time I used it, by sanding away my face skin and leaving some rather unattractive red marks, so when I say be gentle, it is coming from first-hand experience, but other than that cock up, you will notice the difference straight away, and the more you use it the more the affects become apprent.

Use it very gently around the face and neck, and then a little firmer everywhere else, you can give those hard skin build ups a good old scrubbing.

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