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The Oaktree & The Acorn

These two establishments are the works of James Anderson. Located in South East Essex in the coastal town of Leigh on Sea. They both have their own great characters.

The Oaktree, being the main restaurant, covers every aspect of a great dining experience. The large restaurant, which seats up to 50 diners inside and 20 outside is stylishly decorated in subtle shades and flower prints add colour to the walls.
The menu offers breakfast, small plates, main courses, sides and desserts as well as soft drinks and alcohol. The Oaktree is a vegetarian restaurant but offers a large amount of vegan food and drinks. I opted to try two of the mains from here, Vegan “Chicken Style” Caesar salad made with grilled chicken style soya pieces, vegan parmesan, mixed salad, garlic croutons and a Caesar-style dressing. My other choice was Creamy Pesto and Asparagus Gnocchi, a dish of potato dumplings in creamy pesto and vegan cheese sauce served with garlic ciabatta and salad. Both dishes were plentiful, fresh and tasty. It wasn’t an easy choice with so much on offer, including burgers, chilli, tarts and stir-fry dishes.

Now onto the Acorn which is located very close to the coast. This place is like the little sister to the Oaktree, a small deli with a rustic look. Serving lighter but plentiful dishes, The Acorn, being a deli, have shelves and fridges full of great vegan products for you snap up; vegan sauces, popcorns and vegan cheeses. But I was there to taste some of the food and cake. All the dishes on the menu are vegan. Breakfast and lunch menus are available. I chose an egg mayo sandwich from the lunch menu, which was made using tofu and was tempted by the citrus cake. The sandwich came with a side salad and coleslaw a great bite to eat with tons of flavour, I was surprised by how much the sandwich was like egg mayo from what I remember it being. But my favourite was the lemon cake, a soft, tangy and sweet treat to finish the meal.

The Acorn has a great selection of foods and drinks including soups, jacket potatoes and pastries as well as hot and cold drinks with free-from kinds of milk. Both these establishments are great to visit with plenty on offer and great, friendly staff.

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