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Travel made easy with Optiat Skincare

We all know travelling can be a right nightmare, having to pack your bags, make sure they are the right weight, making sure you have everything you need and the biggest inconvenience being the restriction on how much liquids you can take on the plane.

When you think about your daily routine it works out to quite a lot of products, if you body wash/soap, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant, face scrub/mask, moisturize, toner, toothpaste and hair product, fragrance, you have to try and fit all that into a one litre size bag, its not easy at all, I think a lot of people have resulted to buy a lot of these products when they get their destination, but kind the products you actually like is another nightmare altogether, even more so if they expensive or from handmade companies.

But there are a few great solutions like powdered deodorants, Bar soaps for hair and body and now even powder form face scrubs, face scrubs/mask are a great thing to take on your travels, because travelling can really take its toll on your skin, hot weather and dry air on planes and transport, can cause your skin to become dry and flakey very quickly.

This product from optiat Skincare is the perfect solution for cutting down on your travel chaos, its simple really, you just turn the powder into paste when your ready to use it, the scrub/mask helps rid of impurities and gives your skin a deep cleanse, The English Hemp husk scrub away dead skin cells, while Bentonite and activated charcoal draw out toxins, but not only does it help give you fresh clean skin but thanks, to the mineral-rich fullers Earth it absorbs excess oil, acts as an antiseptic and revitalises your skin.

A simple facial scrub/mask perfect for travelling and even better for you skin, the product is available at

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