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5 Simple & Easy shoe care products

by Ryan J Pattinson for The Vanity Edition

Footwear is a key part to any outfit and we often forget the importance of keeping them looking there best, natural wear and tear will always occur over time, but you can slow down this process with some simple products and a little love, here are my 5 top picks for shoe care products

So Shoe polish cream is basically moisturiser for your leather shoes, it keeps the
leather supple, it’s going to help prevent the leather cracking over time from the
flex of daily wear and it gives a nice little shine and colour.
It’s super easy to apply, get your self any cloth (I always recommend microfibre but
any will work) dab it into the pot then just work it into the shoe and then either leave it matte or brush to bring up a shine

2. SUEDE & NUBUCK BRUSH There are a couple different styles on the market but I always recommend the multi-brush it has a wire brush on one side for suede and a rubber side for nubuck both have the same use to brush each material smooth.
Another easy use item, just brush softly for the best effect.


Is your suede or nubuck losing its colour? This the item for you it comes in a lot of
colours but most shops will hold black, brown or navy so if you have a different
colour check online and the idea of this is to just spray and dry, the spray has a
thin pigment of colour in it to colour the suede and nubuck back to its original
Yet another easy product to use, shake the can, point and shoot let dry simple! And
a little trick for you if you have a jacket or anything else you can use it on them too!

Now here’s a golden oldie and all old school repairers live by it and dads who play
football love it (my dad always made me clean my boots and apply this after
training and games) it’s a great item for leather shoes it not only waterproof,
softens and conditions so it’s a great all-rounder. It comes in a black and neutral
colour but I tend to stay with neutral as it will cover all leather shoes.
This is a little more of a pain to apply but it is well worth the benefits every couple of
The trick I learnt for this from a much older shoe repairer is to heat it up in the
can so its little looser, then apply with a rag and work it into the shoe, it will
soak into the leather then leave to dry in for a little bit.

So this does what it says on the tin, Quick shine is a sponge in a plastic casing
with a shining agent, it’s great to bring your finest leathers back from
the dull tired look to a shiny new look I live by it in my job after every repair we
polish on our machine then shine with this the great thing about this it takes
minutes to do so you can even do it on the way to the office.
I don’t think it needs much direction, you basically just rub the sponge on the shoe
and you're done. Simple and easy!
All these items are easy to get in local supermarkets, shoe repairer stores or even online
will stock all these items so no excuses on getting these.

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