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Drummer with a difference

One of the first things you notice about someone happens to their scent and it is something the human mind remembers better than anything else, you can always recall the smell of flowers, good food and cut grass, it’s a wonderful sense to have when what your smell is nice, so I would personally say that smelling nice is a big key factor to your day to day life. 

There are plenty of great smelling fragrances out there from sweet to musky, it all depends on your personal preferences and what you like, you want something that will grab the attention of others but not make them feel consumed by it at the same time, it has to have a good balance of tone, highlight and drift, so choosing your fragrance can sometimes be a nightmare if your not finding the one you want and on top of that you also have what I call fragrance stains, where you spray on your fragrance after getting dressed and then that jacket or outfit is stuck smelling like that scent for weeks, I mean you can wash it, but do you really want to have to do that every other day, No me either. I have a vast number of fragrances in my collection and one of my favourites happens to be from Walden Perfumes, that fragrance being A different Drummer, you can check out my write up on it at this link,( but after going onto to order some more I saw that they now also have this scent collection available in oil based fragrances which are becoming more and more popular, one because they are easier to travel with and also don’t cause fragrance staining on your clothing, they can be applied directly to the areas you want and soak into your skin quickly. 

A different drummer is a musky fragrance with a blend of natural scents to create a power and lasting impact on the wearer, the fragrance opens with a blast of spicy pepper followed by amber and cedarwood to round it off, with hints of tobacco and amyris, an interesting scent which will get noticed when wore. For best effect apply to the upper neck and wrist, just like
you would for other fragrances. 

The scent collection can be found at

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