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 When we talk about watches everyone generally knows what it is and what it is for and they have become a standard item in to our day to day lives, we feel a bit empty when we forget to put it on in the morning, It is because a watch isn’t just to tell the time, but rather a symbol of history and style, when you think of all the different designs of watches out there, it is endless. Shape, sharp, face, crown, hands and colours vary in every design, digital watch where all the rage once upon a time but died out for classic mechanical watches, although some digital designs are making a coming back in recent years, even more so for sports watches and of course smartwatches, but they are no match for the classics. 

Classic watches hold their elegance throughout time and that’s what makes them so popular, but they nowadays they are just a lot more customizable, there are a lot of companies and brands out there that let you design your own watch, Lilienthal Berlin are one of those with there award winning L1 design made in Germany, the design is great for both smart business looks or for a casual dress down style, the watch combines style and great craftsmanship together to make a modern watch for everybody and 

Lilienthals Berlin offer a great choice of customer design elements on their website including case size, case colour, dial colour and also strap colour, so if you fancy a gold case with blue and red strap you can make it a funky looking design or if you want something more elegant, then how about a silver case, white dial and brown strap, the choices and design have no limits it is completely up to you and your imagination, but what they do give you is something to last a lifetime. 

The L1 design stands out and it is no wonder they have been awarded the German design award, iF design award and Green product award, those little details like the lightness of hands, recessed crown and numbers in Berlin typography really do make this design sleek and functional, as well as being comfortable, the straps can be changed simply as well, which just adds to the greatness, you can change up your strap colours whenever you want for whatever outfit you want. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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