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The solution to the beard growth problem

Having trouble growing your beard? then this could be the solution to all your problems.

Let’s talk beards shall we, they change the way us gents look and feel, and every beard is different, they can change with times, but in recent times they are becoming more and more popular and that a big problem for me personal, I do love a good beard, but the problem is I don’t seem to be able to grow one very well and trust me when I say I have gone through the stages of growing a beard where you have to let it fill out and not to trim it until it is long enough.

Everyone is different and it can take different amounts of time to get those facial locks looking nice, but mine just doesn’t grow, I have very patchy facial hair, like a lot under my chin, some on my side burns then nothing anywhere else, I hate it, because I love a good beard or even just some nice short stubble, but nope, just doesn’t happen.

But recently I found some hope in this beard journey and it was something I hadn’t quite seen before, all the way from Copenhagen comes the Copenhagen Grooming company and they aren’t all about maintaining your beard but actually in helping you to grow one in the first place using ground breaking active ingredients and simple but effective tools with some cool science behind it, let me talk you through the kit being featured that I am currently using and how it all comes together to help you produce that desired beard of gods.

So in the beard growth kit are three key parts, the facial roller, Sanitizer and Activator serum, staring with the roller and sanitizer, the sanitizer is basically what it says, it is there to sanitize the roller, helping to protect skin from infection and dirty. The Beard roller is basically a roller with needles on, but so much more, the term used is Micro-needling, it is a safe process in which the little needles penetrate the top layers of your skin, creating microscopic channels, which helps increase the formation of regenerated follicles and tissue. The process help to maximizes and distribute nutrition and collagen which is key to hair growth, as well as this micro needling helps the skin absorption which help your skin absorb the activator serum. All you have to do is spray the roller with the Sanitizer, then roll it across your skin evenly, up, down and left to right.

The Activator Serum is to be applied to the skin after using the roller, the serum contains natural active ingredients that help boost hair growth, it does this by activating dormant hair follicles that laying In a rest state, the serums activate ingredients included The compound Capilia Longa which is rich in signalling peptides and designed to create an optimal environment to help re-activate hair growth, this works to reset and guild the hair follicle growth. Capilia Longa is a an outstanding ingredient in the process of hair growth and its effectiveness has been proven within the medical industry in collaboration with dermatological experts, so you know that that the product is natural and helps grow you facial hair in a natural way, while being free from nasty chemicals and ingredients.

I will keep you all updated on the beard/stubble journey and the effectiveness of such, so far so good it seems.

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