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In the Hood with BALR

Street fashion has changed quite a lot over the last decade and people change with those trends but has it really changed, I don’t think it has, old styles just keep coming back around, they just have a modern twist to it and I am not talking about stuff like grunge and rude boys, rockers and mods, but more the fact they have all just kind of blended together really, you see ripped jeans with trainers, leather jackets with suit trousers, back in the day there would have been a street fight over this, but nowadays celebrities and influencers inspire these styles.

Somethings will just never really go out of fashion, because they can be used in more ways than one, like shorts and t-shirts, you can wear them out and make them look great with pretty much anything, besides crocs and sandals ewww. But they are one item that can be worn at home to chill out in, something that has many uses, a simple style that hasn’t really changed much over the years, they just have a few more holes in them than before.

The same goes for hoodies and sweaters, they have retained their style and classic shape, but have become a canvas for graphics and brands to push what makes them so great onto, you can rock a hoodie with pretty much anything, ripped jeans, shorts, trainers and boots, it just works, wear them under another coat or jacket, the layered look works great with them, and again they are a great chill out item, for anywhere you want, not just because they look good, but because they are comfortable and warm as well.

In this post we are featuring this banger from BALR, a classic hoodie with a stand out contrast, making it an eye catch design, the sleeves have opposite graphic colours of black and white featuring the BALR logo and a simple badge logo in a box on the chest, it is a simple but effect design with all the trimmings, that being the classic drawstring hood, great fit and soft cotton that gives you that great clothing to skin feeling, you can tell from the moment you put it on that the quality is in the high star ratings, the think cotton is ideal for those chilly winter days, in or out of the house and would also look great layered up with a leather jacket. BALR know what they are doing when it comes to great design and comfort. They have a vast range of Hoodies and sweaters on their website, from basic designs to stand out graphics, go check them out at…

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