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Micellar what?

You may have heard of it before, but what is so good about Micellar water?

Like many of us, I want as simplest skincare routine as possible, although that isn’t always possible, there are so many products I love from toners to moistures, scrubs to mask, they all have their different effects on the skin but overall make one complete process of keep my skin looking the best it can be, it only takes one thing for us to getting paranoid about how we look, say spot or dry skin and that’s it we think we are ugly, when really we are all just beautiful people, we all go through rough patches when it comes to skincare, it can get a bit to much sometimes, so keeping it simple should be just as important as what is in the products we use. 

So when I say simple I mean powerful products which really make a difference, but aren’t going to cost you the earth and aren’t going to take ages to apply, then rinse off and dry and then apply another product to finish the process, I am talking about an all in one, like a toner or cleanse and there are plenty of these multi-use products out there, but they tend to be great at one thing but not so good at another. I think the most important part of the facial routine would have to be cleansing effectively, after all you want to remove your days dirt, feel fresh and restored after cleansing, then you need to follow that product with an effective moisturiser. 

Up until recently I was doing just that until I was recommended to try out micellar water, so that is just what I have done, the product of choice is by Madara, I have used their products before and I rate them highly so it was going to be the first choice, the micellar water is an all-in-one no-rinse cleanser, ideal for daily use and would be a great product to lighten the load when traveling , the water helps remove impurities and dirty while helping to balance and hydrate your skin at the same time. Based on aloe vera, skin-quenching hyaluronic acid and northern peony the water is your perfect daily product to help keep it simple but effective, it is simple to use, just apply to a cotton pad and then apply evening over your skin, it also works well to remove makeup so I am told, so if that’s your thing or if you use tint moisturisers then it is an added benefit. 

Give it a try and see the difference not only in your skin, but also in the amount of time you can save daily. Available at

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