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Shoes of San Francisco

When it comes to high street fashion nowadays, it is all it is cracked up to be, the quality of products has got low and low over the last decade and although it is good on the bank balance because the cheaper the materials the cheaper you pay, it really doesn’t work out all that cheaper when you have to by a new pair of trousers or shoes every couple of months, because your heels broke off or your fly has torn off.

That is the commercial industry nowadays, that being said there are some fantastic brands out there that still make their products by hand, with quality design and quality materials and you can really sense it when you have it in your hand, one of those brands is set out across the water in San Francisco, Sutro Footwear isn’t just making high-quality leather goods, but they have practicality, comfort and sell at affordable prices, they make the shoes you want and can wear every day in any environment whether that be in the office, out with the family or a dinner with the love, but their products don’t just stop there, they make also have some great high-quality accessories to give your outfit that something extra.

First featured in this article these 4 eyelet classic oxford shoes but Sutro have put their own little twist to them adding double stitching in the cap toes, hell counter and eyelet panels that lends to a more refreshed style while still maintaining those classic oxford lines but adding these twists as a signature piece which makes them their own, some of the features of the shoes included the Goodyear welt construction, a full glove leather line, fully grained vegetable tanned upper and creamed and burnished by handed, ¾” stacked leather heel with a natural rubber outsole which give these shoes a good solid distance from the ground, you know these soles won’t be wearing out after a month, the shoes also feature a removable premium cushioned insole, soft waxed cotton flat laces and a double elasticized cushioned tongue which ensures comfort and keeps the tongue piece in place.

Although Sutro Footwear is across the pond of our British and European readers, if you want a good pair of shoes and want them to last then you need to invest in them so paying that little extra for shipping is well worth it for something that is going to last you years to come. Also featured here is this classic fully adjustable leather belt, made with full grained vegetable tanned leather, hand cut and featuring a brass buckle with the Sutro brand-name laser engraved onto it, the belt comes in two waist sizes 28-34inch and 34-38inch, but if these sizes don’t fit then don’t worry the belt comes with a removable screw on the inside which can be unscrewed and cut to a size which fits your waist perfectly.

So there you have two great high-quality products Handmade in San Francisco, with comfort, style and quality in mid Sutro are keeping classic styles on the streets that will last you and be okay on your bank balance, check out their bank balance to see the products featured in more colours and there vast range of great boots and shoes for men and women

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