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Stress Relief bottled

Stress it affects us all in one way or another and in recent years mental health has become a more, lets say accepted thing but still very miss understood within the working environment which isn’t acceptable really, workplaces think you can just switch stress on and off and they seem to think it directly comes from your workplace and then try and push you out, well it isn’t really like that at all, we may or may not know the reasons behind the stress, little things can build up or big things can trigger it.

I personally suffer with what is called the cycling stress, it comes and goes without warning but when I get stressed I can’t stop thinking about that stress, I can’t let go over it, I am sure many of you have felt this in one way but again everyone is different and I think that’s what makes it so hard for people to understand, you know that say, just be happy, just get over it well, its just not that simple otherwise we wouldn’t we would, you twats.

Yeah we can all go to the doctors and pump ourselves full of mind-numbing drugs that will cause the start of some zombie apocalypse, well that’s how they make you feel at least, yes they calm down the stress but they aren’t a help more like a cover-up and I for one hate cover-ups, so I try to destress in more natural ways, like Yoga and meditation , sleep meditation is a key player in helping me to sleep, as this is when the mind stupidly decides it want to become awake all night long, imagine a clicking sound going on in your head for 8 hours, that’s is my sleep, my nightmare. Sleep meditation helps clear and calm my mind. That is all good and well but the problem is when I am out and about, doing some work or I am meeting a client, I can't really just start meditating or doing yoga.

So I went on the hunt for something I can do or use to help calm stress in the day or when I feel I need it, the search came up with some interesting things including calming herbal teas, practice things to do like writing out the things that stress you out then destroying the paper to rid of them negative feelings, but the one that seemed most practical was de stress oils, a simple roll on that you place on the wrists and temples, so I picked some up and they happened to have it in one of my favourite online stores for natural and organic products that being, so I brought this De-remedy oil by Mia & Dom, It contains the essential oils of May Chang and Bergamot, May chang being a natural pick-me-up that helps clear the mind and relieve the feeling of anxiety, it’s a rather zesty oil with hints of lemon, it is uplifting but calming on the skin, I am always a bit sceptical when it comes to these sort of things but this little roll on does help to relieve tension and is a nice fresh up, its small size also makes it perfect for when I am on the go or even travelling abroad, there are a few different products like this can help with stress relieve, including sprays and gels, check them out at

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