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Ultra Skin by Trilogy

This year seems to have flown by, we have had a great summer here in England, which makes a change for us really, it has only rained a couple of times to our glorious amazing and yet we still like a good moan about it being too hot, Me Personally, I like the autumn months, its cold but bright, the trees are filled with the colours of fire and the leaves start to fall, there’s something about it that just feels warm but following that then comes winter, which has its perks, like winter outfits and warm days cuddled up inside, but winter has a lot of negative elements to it, wetness, coldness and short days.

With the cold wet days comes even more problems and those are uncontrollable hair and bad skin, this is something I really hate and umbrella can’t change that no matter how big it is, the only thing I find which helps is good products to help control winters effect on the skin and hair, so here is my winter product of choice for my skin. This ultra-hydrating face cream from Trilogy really packs a punch, but the good sort, this intense nourishing cream is great for rehydrating your skin any time of year but even more so in the winter months.

The cream is designed to be absorbed easily into your skin while delivering immediate relief and long last comfort for a soft and smooth complexion, rejuvenating and cleansing the creams antioxidants, the cream includes Rosehip, Avocado and Evening Primrose, which help lock in moisture and restore elasticity to the skin while giving your skin the Ultimate softness it really need in the colder months.

I tend to find that my skin doesn’t absorb creams to well and make my skin feel greasy , so I apply this cream at night after showering and cleansing, then leave it on overnight, this gives it more time to be absorbed correctly and to give a better effect, check out the product at Manorganic, trilogy have a great range of creams and moisturize which can help you get through those winter months with a breeze, just not a cold a breeze.

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