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Who is Kathleen?

Electric Currents and pulsations that really give you a lift, that's what she says.

Going out and get treatments is something that has been being enjoyed for 100s of years, from men getting a shave and cut at the barber shop to hair being permed and blowdry, it is something that has motion and emotion to it, it feels good to go out and make yourself feel pammed, it hasn't changed much over the years, people still go out and get their shave and a haircut, that is a standard staple of life now days, everyone has to look their best at all times, there is this cloud that overhangs us if we don't show the world we are out and about getting our hair done, nails done or tan on.

it is all fun and feels good, but when you think about all these things that we get done is it really cost effective to go out whenever we need something done, I wouldn't say so when you add up the price of looking nice, lets face it the only thing you couldn't really do yourself is probably cut your own hair, although I know a couple of people who manage to do so without it being a bowl cut, but lets think for a second, you could easily cut your and polish your nails, wack on the fake tan, and give yourself a facial treatment at home, it isn't as nice as someone else doing it but if you are one to go get all this done on a friday evening, before the big weekend out, think of how much it all really cost, you could book a weekend away for the same amount.

Now it's not hard finding all the things you need to do a tan, nails and shave at home, but how about an facial treatment, facial massage treatments which are available in most salons, there are many different types that can help your skin, muscles and even just to help you relax but two of the most search for are treatments are facelift treatments which help tightening up the face and give you a younger look or the lymphatic drainage massage which is a massage treatment that helps encourage natural draining of the lymph which carries waste away from the skin, I enjoy a good face massage and you can't get the same feeling at home, but you can get the same results at home at a fraction of the price, well surprisingly cheaper actually, let me tell you a little about Kathleen and no she isn't a person.

This device by Kathleen Natural gives you two in-clinic treatments at home, the cordless Facial Ionic treatment device is surprisingly effective, it took a couple of weeks to see and feel the difference but it effectively improved my skins overall feel and appearance, the device combines two main elements which make the treatment possible, Ionic microcurrent and pulsations. the treatment is really easy to use and is completely painless, it might just feel a bit weird using it at first. the device has to settings a plus and a minus, the plus setting is for the Lymphatic drainage massage, you use this setting by applying toner to your face, spray mist toners work best, then you slowly glide the device upwards towards the lymph nodes from one side of the face to the other. the first results you'll see are that this treatment helps reduce puffiness under the eyes due to water retention.

the Minus symbol is for the facelift treatment, you will need to apply a light gel moisturiser for this treatment but I think most moisturisers will work just as well, you start from the neck working up and out, placing the treatment head onto the skin and lifting the device at the same time as the facial muscle, holding it in place for a couple of seconds and then repeating the process a few more time before moving onto the next area, focusing on the neck, cheeks, temples, jaw and forehead area. there are full instructions that come with the device, that explain the whole treatment processes in much more depth with diagrams in which to help you along the way. the treatment is effective and very relaxing, you could always get your partner to do it if you want to relax just that bit extra.

and now you know who Kathleen is.

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