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Kicking it kool in BALR

Casual style, what is it really? Well to me, it is anything that you feel comfortable in or everything but a suit, but then everyone has their different comforts and different styles, which in all honesty is-such an amazing thing, we all take inspiration from the web and Celebrities Nowadays and make it our own, I for one do this a lot, I see something that looks awesome and then I try to create it, but sometimes that doesn’t always Work.

I tend to be a suited and booted kind of guy, but I have set myself goals of trying to Rock the casual look which is working out pretty well, but then it comes to the comfort side of things, because my casual is like jeans, shirt and shoes or boots, so I decided to start wearing some sports wear style outfits, with a mix of Hoodies, trainers and sweatpants, in this three part series I will be featuring these three items from BALR, it started with-the hoodie and now these awesome sneakers, I will give you them incorporated into different styles and then the outfit as a whole.

BALR have a range of different items on their website including T-shirts, Sweaters , hoodies, bags and accessories, all of their gear is labelled with there iconic BALR logo which adds a simple touch but also a stand out feature depending on what item you choose.

These simple and sleek Sneakers feature  a minimalist design with a mid Body hexagon detailing on them which brakes Up the overall shape of the snicker, giving you a black on black contrast detail, the feel and comfort of the snicker is light and flexible with a custom memory foam Sole for extra comfort and better fit, the upper snicker is a mesh which adds to the minimalistic design but-also make the sneakers more breathable for your feet.
These sneakers can Work with both a sports style outfit or casual Rock look, but are also great for hitting down the gym, the lightness and breathable material give you just what you need, no one likes sweaty feet and it really doesn't help when you need as much grip as possible doing those deadlifts. 

However you decide to-wear your sneakers just make sure they are stylish and comfortable, check out BALR's range of sneakers and grab yourself a pair that will look and feel great while knowing they are made to last.

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