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Benefit of the Sponge

 The Morning Sponge bath for your face?

I am always talking skincare and how important it is, but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult, if like me your always in a rush in the morning, because you know that bed is just too comfortable to get out of on time and you leave it till the 567th alarm going off until you actually bother to get up and then you only have 30mins to get ready and eat breakfast, what breakfast? yeah, that rush.

so when I get up in the mornings the first thing I would do is take a shower, although sometime I do this the night before, it really doesn't make that much difference in terms of how bad you will smell, unless your bed stinks and then, in that case, wash your god damn bed man. But anyway if I shower or not I will always cleanse my face in one way or another, this is to get rid of all the oils and dead skin that builds up while you sleep, even though this is just our bodies natural process, it isn't a great sight in the mornings when you walk into a meeting.

the quickest way to clear your face of this is to use a face scrub or as I have added to my morning routine a Konja sponge, now I have spoken about these before but they really do help and speed up the morning process, not only do they remove dirt particles and oil but they remove dead skin cells as well, there are many different brands and varies types of Konja Sponges, I am currently using the Black Bamboo with charcoal sponge from Benecos.

Made with 100% Konnyaku root, Konnyaku is a plant native to Asia and has been used for over 1500 years for Food, Medicine and beauty purposes, the plant its self is naturally high in Alkaline which is great for balancing the skin's HP levels while remaining gentle,  the charcoal helps remove impurities, dirt and oil while Bacteria Red clay helps soothe the skin and |Green tea extracts help soothe irritation and hydrate the skin, that's not bad for a little sponge really. 

Before using the sponge soak it in warm water until it has become soft, you can use it on its own, moving over your skin in circle patterns or you could use it with a cleanser or facial scrub if you fancy giving yourself an extra morning kick.

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