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Winter Skincare Basics

It is that time of year again, the mighty cold rips in across the UK or is that just all year round, hmmm maybe, but this year has been on the positive side for UK weather, how typically English talking about the bloody weather, my bad. But as I just said it is that time of year where autumn and winter come sweeping across, bring harsh cold and wetter days than usual and with that comes harsh conditions for our skin, mainly leaving it dry and even sore depending on your skin type that is, for me it can be pretty sensitive and has a bad attitude from day to day. 

The best thing to do for that is to change your skincare routine with the changing weather. In the winter I tend to use a scrubbing brush on my face and lips to get rid of the cracked and dry skin that builds up and I also tend to use facial oils a lot more before going to bed, this way it gives them more time to be absorbed but one thing I also tended to forget about was the one thing I used the most from day to day, that being a toning spray and although most of these are gentle to the skin, it still causing redness in the winter, so I have swapped it out for a sensitive toning spray. 

My first choice for this is winter is from Rossi Umeva, the toner is the Chamomile and Lavender face toning mist 100ml, the first thing you notice about the product is that it is in a glass bottle which is great for the environment but also gives a more elegant feel to the product rather than cheap nasty planet destroying plastic, the second thing you will notice is the smell, yes it isn’t very pleasant, the product has a musty odour to it, which smell like it is off, but the benefits of the product out weight this. Firstly the product is beneficial for sensitive skin types, chamomile flower is a gentle antiseptic and is a good overall ingredient for toning and conditioning tried skin but also is good for defence against the effects of winter, helping to soothe chapped skin and sun exposure damage, it may seem silly to think of sun damage in the winter but it is just as harmful in the winter as in the summer, but in the winter you have other environmental affect to add to the damage. 

The second main ingredient of the toner is Lavender which is a great natural cleanser and great for toning, even more so than chamomile, it is excellent for sensitive skin and is well known for helping to soothe and calm mind and body, making both ingredients a perfect combination for those winter months, helping to protect, restore and refresh, and if the smell doesn’t put you off it will sure wake you up first thing in the morning. 

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