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Morning Scrub

There is nothing I love more than getting out of a warm bed in the morning and stepping into a freeze cold house, yeah said no one ever. I mean hello I am not crazy, its probably one the hardest things I have to do in the day, I really do love to sleep, but when that saddest moment happens and we have to wake up, a good old cup of coffee and shower gives a fine old kicker to the backside and brain, but one thing that really wakes me up is exfoliating in the morning.

Now there are lots of ways I can do this but in the morning I try to keep it simple, being half asleep and all that, so I use an exfoliating soft brush on my face, which is pretty simple really, but I also like to use a good product to go with it, it adds that extra boost to the process and also has the added bonus of ingredients that aid the skin.

My product of choice for this month has been Sukins oil balancing & charcoal pore refining facial scrub, mainly because I tend to wake up with very oily skin and this is something that seems to just happen no matter what products I go to bed wearing or not wearing, it isn't really a life changing problem, but I really dislike the feeling and look of oily skin upon myself, Sukins products are always a safe bet when it comes to quality and ingredients and this product is no different, but just to be clear, you don’t need to use an exfoliating brush to use this scrub it has Jojoba beads and bamboo charcoal that work as a natural exfoliator, I just like to get that extra kick in the morning.

As for the benefits of using the product, it not only exfoliates but keeps the pores clear of impurities, while giving your skin a good dose of vitamins and enzymes, rooibos tea, willowherb and coconut oil help to purify and balance the skins complexion and can help guard against outbreaks, the product also contains bilberry extract and white tea which provide natural antioxidants for the skin. Finishing with soothing aloe vera, chamomile and cucumber to help calm the skin and give a balanced glow.
That’s a lot of punch in the morning, but its very gentle to the skin and really helps if you wake with very oily skin like I do, you could even leave the scrub on as a mask while you drink your morning coffee. The product is recommended to use once or twice a week I say use when you feel its needed, for me every day. Happy scrubbing

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