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The Whitening Problem

There are a few things that really trouble me when it comes to my self of seam, the biggest one being the colour of my teeth, they stain badly, and this is mainly due to a lot of coffee and also cigarettes.
I know they are both bad for me but I am not here to talk about the merits of my health but more so the health of my teeth, overall they are well looked after, I haven’t lost any yet so that is a bonus but keeping them looking shiny and white has always seemed a hard thing with a busy lifestyle.

I can get them looking white from day to day, there are great toothpaste and whiting kits that I use, and a great tool is an electric toothbrush, it works wonders in my teeth a deep clean, also oil pulling is a great thing to do. Using a whiting kit also works very well to help give that extra push towards whiter teeth but I always find that the top of my teeth towards the gum line just doesn’t get that white. Then there is also the fact you have to spend a good 30mins or so actually applying the gels to these type of kits, keeping it your month while the UV light goes to work, that all good and fine if you have the time, but I really don’t have that time in the mornings, between showering, breakfast and travelling to my next appointment.

But then after doing some research into quick teeth whiting I came across a tooth whiting pen, to me it seemed a bit silly at first and I didn’t get how this gel pen was going to work, I honestly thought it was some sort of on the go toothbrush, until I actually used it and then realised the impact it can have on my yellow smile.

I picked up the 2 in 1 dental pen by Style White, the pen is designed to be used after using their whitening treatment and to help prolong this whiting, as I already use this sort of treatment at home it made the pen idea, it is handy to carry around with you and is made of 100% natural extracts, not only did I find the dental pen helped actually make my teeth whiter and brighter but it also helps protect my teeth enamel and gives you fresh breathe.

The Pen is easy to use and doesn’t have to be used with any other treatment, you just simply twist the base to moisten the pen tip and apply directly to your teeth, you will see the difference within a few mins of applying it, so if you’re an on the go person, this little pen is your ideal bag buddy for keeping your teeth looking good throughout the day.

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