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3 Basic Brushes for Gents hair

Your hair is an important part of how you look and feel, in the united kingdom the hair and beauty industry makeover £6.2billion per annual, now that is a lot of time and money spent on making yourself look and feel good, you'll go to the barbers to get your hair cut and styled but then once you leave and get home, you can't seem to make it look as good as they did, do you ever wonder why?

now it could be because they are all trained professionals, but no, from a professional hair dressing background I can say it is just practice and using the right tools for the job and this is something most people don't have or do, having the right product is also very important but we will leave that for another article, so you have hair, thats the first step, now you wash your hair, then what do you do, alot of guys just leave it to dry naturally and then wonder why it is moving in the direction they want, well because your hair is like a glue, if you let it dry flat, it will stay flat, when ever you go to a salon or barbers they will always dry your hair, use a brush to mould and shape it, and that is the key to styling it, but making sure your doing it right matters aswell, you don't want to just push all your hair about with a flat brush and have it flat, so here is my simple run down of three key brushes for drying and styling your hair, to make you love as sharp as cut throat razor.

1. The Rounded vent brush
Now, these brushes come in many sizes and so you need one that can fit your hair around it at least once, this brush is great for giving volume and can also active curled tight looks, this brush is in general just a round brush but because of its design it allows air to vent through it, unlike other round brush designs, it has sharp natural short bristles which are great for holding onto the hair, but it can hurt the scalp if your not carefully. to use the brush, divided your hair is sections, going in the direction you want your hair to full, about a cm wide, using the brush pick up the hair and curl your hair around it by twisting the brush, place the closer to this, now you can either keep turning the brush to get a tight curl or pull it away and repeat the step to give yourself good root volume.

2.The Vented Paddle Brush
This brush from John masters is a great brush to use on long swept back styles or just longer hair in general, this brush has ionic bristles which help dry the hair faster and anti-static technology meaning you won't get that big fluff if you over dry it, as well as that the brush feels great to hold, being made from eco- friendly Bamboo making it stronger but also lighter with greater control, the bristles have studded ends meaning it is gentle on the scalp, as for styling with this brush, it has more space for more hair and is great for getting the hair straight, whether that be down or swept back.
starting with wet hair I would section the hair in to horizontal lines and then pick up those sections with the brush, applying heat from the drying while moving the hair upwards and back towards the crown, this will achieve volume and straight hair to give you a volumes tidy swept-back look that is smart and easily styled, I tend to use wax for a slick style, working it through the hair or just some hairspray for a more natural look, but this brush can work well for any mid to long gents styles, swept back, up or sides, this brush has got your back and is available at

3.The Soft round brush.
This brush is kind of a mix of both of the previous brush, it is a round brush and also has studded bristles like the paddle brush, this brush works well for mid-length hair and helps to add volume, it is a cheaper style brush made from mostly plastic, the grip being rubber is great to hold and is a great brush to travel with, being plastic its light and wouldn't break easy, but as for the styling, I tend to use this for brush as a rush brush, it gives volume and also a swept back look by using it as you would the paddle brush, but you don't have as much control as the over brushes and the materials can cause static buildup which isn't ideal if you are short of time, this brush can be used as stated in the last to run downs, but try using to do a bit of both, if you have a flat hair day and need a bit of a boost to add some shape to your style. this is what I call my Gym brush as it stays in my bag.

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