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Nothing beats getting in from work and putting your feet up, chilling out and eating some good food, but when it comes to really relaxing, I like nothing more than a good cup of tea and putting on a facemask, tea for the soul and the facemask, well for the face.

The facemask feeling is generally relaxing but if your going to do it you might as well have the best benefits from it at the same time and there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make the process even better, but firstly my top choice for the face mask would have to be Esse clay mask which comes in a 50ml glass pot, the mask is purifying and helps to nourish your skin, leaving it feeling cared for, unlike a lot of masks which can leave your skin dry and even damaged.

The Kaolin and bentonite clays in the mask help to draw out impurities in the skin, while also drawing out toxins and excess sebum, the mask is ideal if you work in a city where there is lots of pollution and that daily dirty that gets absorbed into your skin, if you have worked in a city for more than a day you will know that feeling, but that’s not all the mask has to offer, the rooibos extract assists in detoxification and has great anti-oxidant properties while aloe vera extract helps to calm the skin and give it a good dose of nutrients.

But if you want an added plus of goodness I would recommend matching this mask with the Esse toner, which comes in a 100ml bottle, not only can you use the toner for a complete cleansing process to help improve your skin, but you can use the toner to boost the mask, after applying the mask, just give your face a spritz of the toner.

The toner also contains Rooibos Extract, which also exhibits anti-inflammatory properties , olive oil extract which helps to fight the effects of pollution on the skin and naturally helps against sun damage, when you think of all of these combined , your really giving your skin a good hit of greatness, once you have washed off the mask, you can also give your face a direct spritz with the toner as well, it not only gives another boost of the great ingredients but also helps directly calm the skin after the mask.

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