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Neal's Yard - Cologne for Men

Something I’ve always said is that we notice smells before anything else, t doesn’t matter where you are or what you will always smell it first, for example, food, you always smell it before you can see it, but something I love to smell is a good scent, like a nice perfume or cologne, when your out and about and someone walks past you, you get a good whiff of there wearing, even more so when your in an area which has groups, like a Friday night out on the town.

Wearing scent isn’t something new though, people have been doing it since the ancient Egyptians, times and although the ingredients and containers have changed, they haven’t changed that much, we still use many of the same keynote ingredients they would use and they would store the scents within glass or stoneware, the same as we do now.

One thing that will never really change, is the importance of wearing perfume or cologne, it makes you feel somewhat powerful, elegant and creates a statement. You find a scent you like and most people stick to that scent. I enjoy a few different scents but I also like to change it up month to month, I mean this is pretty well known if you follow this page and there are some great articles on some of my favourites, but one that I tried recently has struck a chord with me, the cologne is by Neal’s Yards remedies, a small but unique shop in Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden London.

I have been passed this place so many time and have even ordered a sleep aid scent by them online but when I saw they had a cologne, I just had to try it and well just like their other products, it doesn’t disappoint, It comes in a Blue bottle which is like a signature of theirs, sized at 50mls, the cologne is a blend of 13 aromatherapeutic natural organic oils, each with their own benefit and tone, including Bergamot, Grapefruit and Bay Leaf of just some of the powerful and uplifting ingredients, the scent is very strong, one or two sprays and your ready to go, but you will always find that those tones take a few minutes to set in.

The first time I used the cologne I felt it was overpowering but once it settled the sweet overtones came through and gave an over sweet scent to the cologne with undertones of musk, giving this cologne the perfect balance on both sides of the chart, it is most definitely a unique scent, what I mean by this is, you get many brands which have scents that kind smell similar, but not with this Cologne, it is something new, something uplifting and perfect if you are looking for that something new.

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