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We are going to start this with some Queen, no not the old one, the rock one, Freddie pretty much said it in we will rock you, you got mud on your face, you big disgrace, not that this is mud related but a dirty face and the objective of cleaning it and making it look pretty being the best part.
Face washing is a day to day necessity and if you’re a guy shaving becomes part and parcel of your day as well, whether that be a full shave or a tidy up, both being very important to keep your skin and hair maintained, clean and looking at it's best, there are plenty of great face soaps out there to wash your face and there are plenty of shaving soaps also, but it is even better when you find a great two in one product, one that not only cleans your skin but helps you to shave and protect your skin all at the same time.

Using the right product for both of these actions is very important, shaving can cause skin to become very irrational, red, inflamed and in worse cases even infected, if like me you get skin irritation then you need to find something that balances out the best in what you want, I find shaving foam is the worse for causing this, so now I stick to shaving soaps being as natural as possible and my new product of choice for this month is by CEYX.

The Face and Shaving soap fresh sandalwood comes in a 100ml bottle and is the perfect cross action product I have used in a while, the face wash cleans and softly exfoliates giving you a clean base for that perfect shave, while helping your blade to glide over the skin, it’s as easy that and I think most of you know what to do when it comes to shaving, pro tip, (shave with the grain) the face soap contains some great natural ingredients including avocado oil, a rich source of vitamin E which helps to reduce inflammation after shaving and help to give your skin tone balance. The soap is formulated with the smell of sandalwood and petitgrain which is a personal favourite but in general a very pleasant and fresh smell and uplifting start to your day.

If you want to add a bit extra to your morning grooming why not try out the Hair and moustache wax which comes in a 15ml jar, it adds to the experience and boosts your sharp look. The sandalwood wax matches the facial soap perfectly and helps to give your hair and beard that tidy and styled look, perfect for those with long or short hair, bushy or short shaved beards, simply just work a small piece of wax into your hands and then work it through your desired location, the face, beard or even eyebrows, now your be looking slick as, errr something slick, but I would recommend putting the wax jar in your pocket or warm area before use, it can become very hard when cold and that can make it harder to work with.

This product is Cruelty-free, Paraben and Sulphate free

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