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The Stone Rollers

We all know how important our skin is, we love to talk about it on here and never really shut up about it, all the products we have featured are great for your skin, cleansers, toners, scrubs and moisturizers, they mostly have one big thing in common, they open up your pores, I mean generally this is a good thing, you want them to get deep in your pores to draw out all the unwanted dirty and daily toxins that build up, but one thing we tend to forget about is closing them again and this can cause some issues.

For one the reason all that dirt can get back in then, its like leaving your window open with the heating on, it ends up being pointless in the end, whenever I forget to do this (close my pores) I always seem to get spots, every time it happens and always seems to happen in the same places, I hate it, like I am not 12, why be you spotting me face, well I know why and it’s because I didn’t shut my pores down. This may not seem a big deal as they will close naturally, but if like me you have a shower and then decide to slap on some toner, cream or oil after, you’ll just filling up all your pores with the products, even though they are great for your skin, they can also block up the pores.

But there are way to avoid such issues and to help close your pores as well as over benefits included, the first is to turn your water temperature too freezing after you’ve had a lovely warm shower and freeze yourself half to death in the process, no one likes cold showers come on, or you can do what I like to do, and that is use a stone roller, there are a few didn’t types but my go to is a rose quartz roller by Ermana natural skincare, not only do they have a great benefit for your skin but they have they whole spiritual vibe to it, being a gemstone and all that jazz.

So let us talk magic for a moment, real-life magic that is. Stones and Gemstone have been being used in beauty practices since the 7th century, now you know it must be good if something from 1400 years ago is still being used right, damn straight.
The roller from Ermana is made from genuine rose quartz and has two different size rollers, one for the larger area and one for those tighter areas like under the eyes and ears if you want, the roller works by cooling the skin and helping to close up those pores, by doing this it naturally helps to firm up your skin at the same time, but also by using the roller your massaging the face and this also has added benefits as well, it can help the lymphatic system, this is the body’s natural detoxing system and plays a big roll in your health, but we won’t go too much into that right now.

You can use the roller anytime you want, but I find it best to use after cleansing the skin or after a shower. Even if you just want it to help you relax before bed, you're sure to benefit from it. Below is an easy to use the graphic diagram on how to use the roller, for both closing your pores but the correct way to help aid the Lymphatic system, so guys and girls, give it a roll and let us know what you think.

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