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Kiss the Moon - Catching ZZZZs

We as a society really do no value the power of sleep. Once we’re in bed we never fully ‘switch off’. Cyber noise from social media on smartphones and lights from televisions can keep us up, making us restless and appear exhausted the following morning. Because of this, anxiety and insomnia are on the rise in young people and it really affects our overall performance physically and mentally. I personally suffer from anxiety and often it can lead me to overthink at night making me stressed, irritable and tense. I’ve recently flown back from Los Angeles and the 8-hour time difference gave me horrendous jet lag on top of that. I needed something to help me relax and allow myself to have a good night’s sleep.

“Kiss the Moon” is a 100% natural (free from animal testing) beauty and wellness range and the “Sleep Beautifully” products prepare you for a good night’s rest and nourish your skin and soul while you sleep. After all, there’s no point treating and caring for ‘one’s exterior’ without taking some time out to care for the wellness deep within. A good night’s sleep is fundamental to a successful beauty regime because it is while we are asleep that the most active cell renewal happens. That’s why deprived sleep so often results to poor dull skin prone to breakouts. It is said that while we are sleeping, out body goes into cell repair mode – that’s why nourishing your skin overnight is so important!
I’ve been using the “Love night cream” for hands and “After dark pillow mist” for 3 weeks now and I feel more rested as a result, and my hands feel incredibly soft.

1. “Love night cream for hands”
It’s an overnight anti-ageing cream made from deeply nourishing Shea Butter with Rose, Frankincense and Rosehip Seed oils to rejuvenate and heel your hands (and cuticles) while you are sleeping. When we talk about skincare, we immediately think ‘face’ and often forget about our hands. Hands are just as important to care for, think about the everyday labouring our hands go through. For example; washing up, cleaning, chapped from cold weather conditions, physical and manual activity and so on…

This super rich yet ‘whipped’ like texture is deeply moisturising whilst giving an intense sleep-inducing aroma to soothe the soul and help make you feel relaxed. Not only has it improved my skin health but has also made my cuticles soft and nails strong and healthy. I’ve been using this cream every night for 3 weeks and I love waking up to baby soft skin on my hands with an even and healthy glow.

What’s great about the “Kiss the Moon” products is that they’ve avoided plastic packaging to be more environmentally friendly, substituting polymers for glass pots for the night cream tubs and pillow mist spray bottles, making them a “clean” form of natural skincare and beauty which is easily recyclable when finished.

2. “After dark pillow mist”
This spray is a beautiful way to scent your bedroom and turn it into the perfect place to fall asleep. 100% natural and gorgeously aromatic. Created using their award-winning soothing signature night-time blends containing Rose, Frankincense and Ylang-ylang.

I was a little sceptical about this product at first and whether it actually worked, or merely just a placebo effect to make us believe that it actually works. However, I’ve been using this mist for 3 weeks and I definitely feel more relaxed when I’m in bed which ultimately helps me sleep and “switch off”. There’s something about the scent of Rose and Frankincense which creates a calming ambience to sleep in. I feel comforted whenever I use the pillow mist (and night cream for hands). Not only does it make my pillow and duvet smell glorious, but my entire bedroom smells like I’ve stepped into an exotic Turkish or Moroccan spa.

I tend to avoid synthetic sleeping aids such as sleeping tablets etc. but the “Kiss the Moon” range has worked wonders with my LA jetlag to help make me feel balanced and more ‘human’ again. These natural beauty and wellness products have not only helped me get a better night’s sleep but have also given my skin the nourishment it needs overnight as it repairs and regenerates.
…And on that note, I’m off to get some beauty sleep with my bedside companion, “Kiss the Moon”.
Sweet dreams!

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Written by Aisha Nabi

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