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The Immortal Reincarnation - Antipodes

With the rise of veganism and ethical, sustainable fashion, it seems a lot of people are becoming more environmentally conscious and concerned about the impact of their decisions on the planet. From plastic alternatives in everyday life to fair trade products, “going green” is not only a fashionable “trend” but a political and beneficial movement.

“Clean and green beauty” has also taken its turn in the limelight and I am 100% in favour of this. Antipodes is a trailblazing and new niche in skincare innovation: a scientifically validated organic brand. They use certified organic premium natural products with skin performance tested scientifically. Featuring revolutionary vinanza antioxidants from New Zealand grain superfruit, nutrient-rich avocado and anti-blemish manuka honey. They avoid harmful plastic packaging to be more eco-friendly and substitute recyclable polymers for metal tubes making it more sustainable. They are also suitable for vegetarians and are against animal testing!

What’s reassuring about using Antipodes products is that they are 100% natural and organic, free from silicates, parabens, artificial collagens and perfumes that you normally find in most commercial products in the average supermarket. So, you know exactly what you are putting on your skin and have no worries or fears about artificial colours or preservatives affecting your skin’s natural pH.

So, what really is “green beauty?”. In their words, Antipodes describe it as:
“Love nature.” These two words guide us in everything we do. We’re constantly inspired by the natural beauty of our homeland New Zealand: an exotic, fresh and new world Antipodean nation. We believe we’ve found the answer to anti-ageing in New Zealand nature. Certified vegetarian, Antipodes is designed for eco-conscious world citizens. (

I’ve been using the “reincarnation pure facial exfoliator” “Immortal SP15 face and body moisturiser” for 3 weeks now and I have noticed significant and positive changes in my overall skin health. Not only is my skin cleaner, but the overall tone is more even and smooth giving it a wonderful and healthy glow. Because they’re in a metal tube they make the perfect travel companion for pampering on the go!

1. Antipodes Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator with nutrient-rich avocado oil, marigold bloom, cedarwood and sweet orange. To put it simply: this is probably the best natural facial scrub I have ever used. Not only is it non-abrasive to the skin but it effectively lifts dirt from the surface leaving it soft, smooth and refreshed. I find that drug store facial scrubs can be quite harsh and irritant, leaving the skin sore and inflamed. However, this scrub is extremely gentle, (yet effective), so people with sensitive skin or prone to eczema can use this with no problems at all.

I use this product every morning to give my skin “new life.” I like to think of it as starting the new day with new skin. I massage it into my skin with upward circular motions, and it honestly feels like I am giving myself a spa treatment when I wake up, making me feel fresh and indulged. The smell of this scrub is divine: strong notes of sweet oranges to tantalise the senses to get you started with your day on a bright and positive note.
The end result is a more balanced and even skin tone. It offers a ‘mattified’ finish and helps reduce a shiny T-zone leaving it clear and beautifully scented.

2. Antipodes Immortal SPF 15 face and body moisturiser with Vinanza performance plus, raspberry seed oil and Reishi Mushroom. I was intrigued to use this moisturiser as I’ve never heard of a skincare cream containing mushrooms and Vinanza as ingredients to combat ageing. So, what is “Vinanza”? Vinanza is a discovery made in New Zealand. Scientists discovered that the seeds of Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown on Marlborough vineyards have double the levels of antioxidants of grapes grown anywhere else in the world! It’s a major untapped beauty secret for anyone interested in reducing the signs of premature ageing. They also deliver skin-nourishing nutrients and work to neutralise the free radicals that can damage your skin’s surface.

The ancient Reishi mushrooms of immortality enhances cell turnover for an ageless, healthy visage. It’s perfect for all ages and suitable for most skin conditions. I’ve been using this alongside the facial scrub for 3 weeks now and my overall skin elasticity has become firmer and improved and even looks brighter. What’s great about this product is that it has SPF 15, to protect from sun damage and prevent skin redness and inflammation, because let’s face it; the sun is the biggest contributing factor to premature skin ageing!

I’ve always been self-conscious about my appearance, especially when it comes to my overall skin health. But I’ve actually taken a ‘brave step’ and gone 2 weeks without wearing little to no makeup or foundation at all because my skin simply doesn’t need it since I’ve been using these two products. It looks and feels perfectly well and healthy in its natural state, and that’s all thanks to the wonderful Antipodes duo!

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Written By Aisha Nabi

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