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Zuii Organic - Tan Tan Water

As the summer months are fast approaching and the British weather gets hotter there are a few things we all look forward to, mainly BBQs, Beers, beach, warmth and a solid golden tan, it is surprising how much the sun can affect us all, not only physically but mentally as well, it is a powerful thing that we all seem to need more than we really appreciate, after all, no sun, no life.
But if like me, you love the sun but don’t seem to get the full benefits of its golden rays then keep on reading, because it doesn’t matter how long I spend out and about in the sun, or laying on a deck chair for hours on end, I seem to always have the complexion of a ghost, I am so naturally pale I scare myself walking past the mirror at night. But you never really see that side of me, I always seem to have a nice sun-kissed glow, mainly because it is fake, (shocked face) don’t be that shocked I am from Essex.

As much as fake tanning is good, mainly because it makes me feel and look better, it can be a negative thing if you don’t do it right, I use sunbeds, but only every now and then, sunbeds work great, it is a focused way to get a natural tan but then you have all the side effects of skin damage and cancer blah blah blah we are all going to die because the sun that’s keeping us alive is really killing us YEAH RIGHT.

But if your not into sunbeds then tanning mousses, lotions, gels and waters are your way forward, for me mousses and lotions can be a bit too much of a colour hit all at once, you go from white to deep tan in a couple of hours and that just doesn’t look natural, I also find most of the shades you turn don’t seem very natural either, for me it has to be tanning waters and gels, these products build a tan gradually, effectively giving you a much more natural looking tan that grows naturally, this is great because you can decide how dark you want to go by applying more or less and people don’t question why you turned bright orange overnight.

I like to try different products from month to month to see what is best and more natural looking, this month I am trying Zuii Organic, they have a wide range of tanning products and booster products to help maintain your tan as well. The main product I am using is The Certified Organic Flora Gradual Self Tan Water which comes in 150ml pump action bottle. The water not only helps to build a natural-looking tan in a natural way but also hydrates and firms your skin.

The water has a unique formula that uses a combination of Fern extract, Bulbine extract and Lichen which helps your skin's elasticity while giving hydration, all while giving you your desired sunkissed look, it is a general leave on product, which you can apply just like a toner or lotion, simply pump some of the water onto a cotton pad or cloth and massage over your skin, it is quick drying and doesn’t seem to leave stains but I would advise you to wash your hands after application, being water it is hard to see if you have dripped any on your hands, and you don’t want to end up with sunspots.

Now if you want to maintain and keep that tan looking fresh for as long as possible, then I recommend pairing the tanning flora water with Zuii organic’s Certified Organic Flora Dry Oil Self Tan Extender which comes in a 100ml spray action bottle. The oil combines Almond, Sunflower and Camellia Seed Oil to enhance your tan and help lock in and maintain a nice even tan, you can use this product whenever you feel like it really, I use it a few hours after applying the Tanning water, it is a non-greasy lotion and dries fast without causing skin shine.

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