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Natura Siberica - Masque énergisant visage

Energising Facial Mask with Siberian Ginseng & Arctic Ashberry

Every now and then we love to indulge in some ‘self-care’ and take some time out of everyday life to treat and pamper our skin with a face mask. There are so many choices these days and often that can make us feel overwhelmed and undecided on which face mask to go for. With “clean and green beauty” on the rise, we are all trying to make environmentally conscious decisions to help protect our planet. “Going green” is not only a fashionable “trend” but a political and beneficial movement. Natura Siberica are a brand born in Siberia and made in Europe and only use wild harvested Siberian herbs from the natural country of origin. They have also won awards for “Best of Green Beauty” which is fantastic.

In their words:
Each Natura Siberica product is based on active fusions of unique Siberian herbs, which survive -50-degree Celsius temperatures and severe winds. As a result, they possess special qualities: High concentration of vitamins and minerals which are deeply beneficial for the skin. All of their products are composed of wild Siberian herbs which strengthen skin and preserve its natural beauty. 

"I’ve absolutely loved 
using this face mask"

This energising facial mask awakens dull and weary skin, bringing a fresh and beautiful feel.. Organic Ginseng is rich in minerals peculiar only to this plant from this northern wilderness, deeply revitalizes your skin. Wild harvested Siberian Rowan energizes and refreshes skin leaving a bright, healthy, radiant appearance.

I like to use this mask at least once or twice a week to my everyday skincare routine, to give it that extra loving attention our skin needs. I apply the mask after I’ve cleansed, on clean dry skin and leave for 15 minutes for all the nutrient-rich goodness to fully absorb in my face. Then rinse off with warm water. What I love about this facemask compared to supermarket brands I’ve used in the past, is that it’s super gentle on the skin and doesn’t leave my face irritated or red after using it. I’ve had bad experiences in the past where face masks claiming they’re “all natural” have in fact left my skin red and sore after washing, because of the chemicals and preservatives added to their products. Natura Siberica on the other hand is a product suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin because they are free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, silicones and synthetic dyes. They are completely natural and organic and do not use GMO plants in any of their skincare products. 

"Ginseng and Ashberry is 
so calming and aromatic"

I’ve absolutely loved using this face mask and it’s my favourite go-to mask whenever I want my skin to feel ‘awake’ and give it that healthy energised glow. Not to mention how gorgeous my face smells after, it’s like running through a wild meadow of flowers! The texture of this mask is one which closely mimics a moisturiser, when applied to the face it absorbs like a face cream so you cannot tell that you’ve got a face mask on, leaving no residue at all. The scent of the Ginseng and Ashberry is so calming and aromatic, I feel instantly relaxed after using it. My overall skin health has improved dramatically, not only is my skin radiant and brighter and clearer in tone, but the texture is also extremely soft and smooth. I’ve found that after using this wonderful mask I really do not find the need to apply any extra product over the top, or even apply makeup for that matter. As it has left it beautifully clear and healthy. 
There also been improvements in the skin’s overall elasticity making it feel plumped and rejuvenated. I feel like I’ve got ‘new skin’ every time I use this product. And I now always look forward to taking some time out and pampering my skin with my new favourite face mask, Natura Siberica!

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Written By Aisha Nabi

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