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Relive the Swinging 60s

“Gerson Casual Trouser in Retro Tile Blue” with the “Conan Cami Top in Rust” by Motel 
With Spring in full force and summer swiftly approaching, it’s time to trade dark shades for those bright pops of colour and bold prints. When we think of patterns, we immediately assume floral prints; and let’s not forget Meryl Streep’s famous sarcastic quote from ‘The Devil Wears Prada’- “Florals in spring? Ground-breaking!”.

So instead of going towards the obvious why not try something unique and different? “The Gerson Casual Trouser in Retro Tile Blue” from Motel Rocks will give your wardrobe a fresh new makeover and be sure to make you stand out from the crowd. I’ve paired my trousers with the “Conan Cami Top in Rust”, also from Motel Rocks. It was the perfect colour match as that particular warm shade of red went to so well with the red detailing on the trousers’ print. 

"It’s like walking around dressed 
as a piece of art! "

This outfit is perfect for summer and even for warm holidays, its lightweight, fresh, vibrant and extremely unique. I can see why they decided to call them “Retro Tile” – the pattern is symmetrical all over and actually reminds me of the Iznik tiling in the famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Yet they also hold that ‘60’s retro edge’, and the combination of the two make these trousers so eye-catching and visually appealing. It’s like walking around dressed as a piece of art!

The “Conan Cami Top in rust” is also perfect for warm temperatures, it’s simple but the cut-outs at the shoulders (otherwise known as the ‘cold shoulder’ look) add that edgy and sophisticated feel to the whole outfit. It’s not too revealing, so it makes for a subtle sexy finish.

I’ve worn this outfit out before and people have complimented the unique ensemble, saying how it's so “eye-catching”. So why be a sheep in a flock of grey and black when you can stand out and turn heads!

A little bit about Motel Rocks (in their words):

“Born from a love of vintage fashion, Motel is the must-have label for girls who want unique, edgy and eclectic additions to their wardrobe that are guaranteed to make an impact! Established in the late 90s, Motel was created after the brand founders set out on a road trip of freedom, discovery and fun across the west coast of America. Inspired by the indie vintage shops and various thrift stores dotted along the Californian coastline, the Motel designers set about bringing these looks to the British consumer and carved a unique niche in the marketplace. Fifteen years later and Motel is now a leading Brit fashion label renowned for offering unique prints, form-fitting silhouettes and trend-setting styles that are loved by fashionistas, style icons and celebrities around the globe.”

Written by Aisha Nabi

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