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It is coming close to those summer months, hot days with good food on the bbq, chilling with friends and enjoying the moment, although it only ever seems to last a total of 3 weeks in the UK without rain cutting in and ruining your plans of just laying in a field with some cider.
The hot weather and sun is amazing and we crave for it all year long, until it is actually here, because like winter it is beautiful in ways and then also not so beautiful, with that glorious sun comes the sunburn, restless nights and a whole lot of sweat, and yeah we all know these things are going to happen, but we still seem completely unprepared for it all, year after year, crazy right.
Now we all know what we have to do, get some suncream, protect your skin, leave the fan on at night and put on a ton of deodorant, the problem is deodorant just doesn’t seem to work very well, there are limits to it, you end up sweating and smelling half an hour after using it, and that is because you not using the right one.

"They are also very harmful to the environment"

Aerosol deodorants are quick, easy and smell great, but don’t work as well as other products and they are also very harmful to the environment and if they can harm this giant spinning globe that we live on, then be sure that they are harming you as well, for a start the compression of them chemicals can burn you if you have it to close, that says a lot in itself really doesn’t it, but then you also have all the metals and carbons that are present within the formula which can block your pores and cause irritation, do you ever find you have itchy underarms? Yeah, what do you think is causing that ah?

There are so many organic and natural products out their and that includes deodorants, they can range in type from, wax sticks to roll on and as featured in this article a non-aerosol based stray from The Organic Pharmacy, the benefits of using these products is they are better for you, better for the environment and long lasting. The featured product being a spray, which I have chosen, so if you do choose to switch up your products, it gives you a lot more convenience and is easy to get used to then say something like a wax stick.

"The deodorant is a unisex" 

The Deodorant spray comes in a 50ml bottle, it works to be gentle but effective, and as I previously said it is free from all those harsh chemicals and metals, it is also free from artificial preservatives, colourants and fragrances, making it perfect for those who want to go more natural and those who have irritable underarms. The deodorant is a unisex based product with a mix of tones that give it a balanced fragrance, those ingredients include essential oils of sage, rosemary, neroli, lemon and lavender together, these work to destroy bacteria that cause Bad odour naturally.
Just use the spray deodorant like any other, daily and see the benefits of going natural

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