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Multi-Functional and Fast

Ever get that feeling where you just can't get yourself out of bed in the morning?

Yeah, I guess that is most mornings then, and if like me you take a 5min lay in which then turns into a 30min lay in then you'll know all to well the heart attack panic of getting up only to realize you seriously late for work or a meeting.

I do this so often, I have come a custom to know how to shower, dress, breakfast and give my skin what it needs in the morning, that is right folks, I know magic, Kind of like harry potter but without any actual magic.
But in all seriousness choosing the right products, or as I call them, cheat products really helps if you're in a rush, morning, noon or night. I tend to use a few different products when I have time, and if I don't then I stick to one that is multi-functional, this tends to be either in spray form or as a multi serum. I prefer sprays forms, they are quick and easy. Spray, spray, breathe and you're done.

i recently picked up this multi-functional super tonic spray from Odylique skincare, it not only cleanses your skin but helps to balance and tone it, while helping to reduce sebum secretion. the spray is 100% organic and contains the active ingredient including citrus sinesis peel oil and rose flower. you will notice this from first use, just the smell. it has a refreshing odour which also helps to wake you up (always a bonus).
the tonic is made with concentrated distilled rose petal hydrolat and is blended with the oils to create the perfect formula to give your skin a days worth of moisture while regulating the production of natural oils your skin produces.

if you're in a rush then these sort of products are for you, even more so you guys, it may smell floral but it will make a world of difference to your morning, it can be used on its own or with your daily moisturiser. giving you that extra boost your skin needs in the cold winter months. the best time to use it is after you have showered/cleansed your skin. spray a little over the face and bam your done, wait until it has dried before applying anything on top.

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