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Skin and the gym

It is a new year and with that comes the new year, new me blah blah where you might go to the gym for a month and then stop going or pick up that new diet from four years ago that you once started.
But even if you have given up on the new year, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your skin and even more so if you are carrying on with the gym, we think about our bodies but tend to forget about our largest organ, that being our skin.
If you hit it hard at the gym your skin reacts just as much as your muscles do and the skin needs revitalization just as much as your biceps and triceps, using body oils are a great way to nourish your skin and maintain moist within it.

After that post-gym shower is the key moment to do something about it and to do it the right way, choosing skincare products can be a bit overwhelming even more so if you haven't really thought about them in the sense of the gym and how they can make a difference to your recovery, this Energizing body oil from Dr Hauschka contains birch leaves arnica, burdock root, nettle and sunflower oil to give your skin that refreshing kick your skin needs after a strenuous workout, the oil contains jojoba oil to help maintain and balance moisture and softness within the skin, while soothing tired muscles and stiff limbs after them overload sets on the squat rack.

I am not the biggest fan of oils as I have fairly oily skin naturally but this absorbs into the skin rather well, I would, like with any oil not chuck your clothing on straight after applying it, leave it to soak in for a good 10mins and let your skin breathe.

The formulation is just as unique as the product itself, the combine of the ingredients rhythmic processing methods, during the phase the mixtures are heated to 37degrees (body temperature. The base product is carefully mixed in the mornings and evening to allow all of the extracts to transfer to the oil, making it a pure and rich oil.

The best time to use the oil is after showering or bathing to help seal in moisture and prevent drying, this oil can also be used as a heated oil for massaging, even more so for sport-related massages. The bottle is made of glass so it's not ideal to throw in your gym bag, but I just transfer some of it into a small reusable bottle and take that instead.

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