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Men Vs Makeup

I Shall start this article with a question, that question being do you wear makeup?
 If the answer is yes, then there is a 99% chance that you are a girl. Well, that is probably because guys don’t like to admit that they wear makeup or have at least tried it on/wore it as a joke. But the key question is why is it looked down upon when a guy wears make? I am not talking about drag makeup or Special effects, that is made to look very obvious, I will also add that it is also incredible how amazing people look in this makeup, even if you are not interested in the drag or SFX world, there is some serious skill involved in doing it.
But anyway back to the key point here, a lot of men wear makeup in parts and we wear it for the same reason that anyone else wears it, to feel better about ourselves, to cover up Bad elements we don’t want people to see. I say bad elements in a loose term because truly we are all beautiful and our bad elements are what only what we have been told are bad by a modern society, for examples, dry skin, redness, crows feet and pimps, these are all things that we don’t wish for yet they are all things that we get, at some point in life every since person on the planet will get at least one of these, so why cover them up?
Because society has told us to, we look at these stunning photos of people and wish we could look like them, be them, have amazing skin, be fabulous at every moment, when that is impossible and being a photographer I know this is impossible, 80% of all photos now days have retouching applied to them, it may not be on the skin but it will be in some form to better the photo, but it isn’t always just photoshop, make up plays a big part in making such a thing better, we try not to overdo makeup in portrait and fashion shoots, it can actually make the skin look bad.

We use the bare basic to compliment the skin and light, for females shoots this is a general thing that they would wear day to day as a base, like cream foundation, concealer and finish powder and then we may apply a little extra powder to help with shine.
Sweet no problem, but when it comes to guys (if they aren’t in the model industry) are like what I am not wearing that, I ain’t gay, why would I wear makeup, FIRSTLY, what the hell has been gay got to do with the way you present yourself? Oh that’s right society has told you men don’t wear makeup, YOU COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG, men have been wearing makeup for thousands of years. The Maya, Egyptian and Roman men all wore makeup, and not even day to day foundation, they wore all out eyeliner and war paint makeup, it was a symbol of power and greatness, just like it should be nowadays. You shouldn’t feel ashamed to wear makeup, if you apply it right, no one will even realise you are wearing it and what is wrong with wanting to feel good about yourself.
The way we view such things like social media and society isn’t going to change, we seem to do more and more to want to change the way we look, I can only tell you both men and women that you really don’t need makeup but it is each to there only and if I can help you, men, out in an understanding of the basics, then here are my top 3 basics make up items for a photo shoot.
And yeah I do personally use these at times as well. We all have our down days.

Now to start we have your base and which is the  PBH ethical beauty bare skin bb cream with SPF 30ml, it draws the line between makeup and skincare, it is like a cream foundation cross moisturiser giving you good skin coverage while helping to protect your skin.
The best way to apply it is by putting a small amount on your hand and then applying dap to areas of your face, once you have done this, massage over your skin in a circular motion using a sponge or in my case your fingertips until you are evenly covered, if you don’t feel like you have covered what you desired to, then just do the same again, but try not to do it over and over, you don’t want to look like clown after all.
Next up is the powder, which can be used on top of the BB cream or on its own, that one is dependent on your desired end result, the powder of choice this time is by Dr.Hauschka, it is a compact powder weighing in at 8g, which is plenty to last you for a while.
Why use powder? Well as I said earlier, it helps reduce skin on the skin, if you have oily skin, the powder can work wonders and also helps even out the skin tones. The powder contains mineral pigments and nourishing ingredients to not only level your skin looking flawless but leaves it feeling soft and smooth, and who doesn’t want that ah?
Last on the list is a concealer, which looks like a lipstick but is great on the go product to use and also keep with you on when travelling, this product is the Lavera – colour cosmetics – cover and care stick. The main focus of this product is to help cover up blemishes and imperfections like marks and spots, it couldn’t be easier to use, just apply it directly to the desired area and blend in your find, it can be used on its own or even as an extra-base before the first too product.
Now, this may or sound a bit much, but these are easy to base products that you will find in every one makeup bag, be proud to wear it and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,

All 3 of these products can be found at

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