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The deep cleanse - JOIK

New products come out all the time and this isn’t going to be one of those articles, because this sort of product has been around for a very long time, I just never thought to use it in such a way before, of course this product is designed to be used like this, but it just never crossed my path in such a way before.

This product is fact oil, cleansing oil, the product in featured is by JOIK, I have featured their products before and are a firm favourite of mine, so from the start I knew it would be to my liking but being an oil I kind of played it down a bit, to my surprise, I love it, yeah surprise haha.
So a bit about the product, as I said it is by JOIK and is their organic facial  cleansing oil, which comes in a 100ml glass bottle with a pump-action dispenser. The oil works on the principle that oil dissolves oil, which I have heard before in other terms but never really thought about for skincare. The oil is made with a combination of vegetable oils and essential oils, which together help cleanse deep into the pores while dissolving excess oils and impurities, and also makeup, if you wear it.

The oil cleansing method is a more gentle process when deep cleansing, it helps to not only cleanse but keep your skin in balance, while maintain the skins natural moisture and radiance, I have found and to those who are reading most probably have as well, that some cleansers work very well but can also dry the skin out and leave it in a raw state, it just depends on if you are using a daily cleanser or more of a once a week deep cleanser. This oil is a deep cleanser but is designed to be used daily and with great effect, not leaving your skin dry or irritated. I have found it to be rather refreshing to use, in the sense of how you apply it, it being an oil gives it that massage kind of vibe.

To apply simply press a couple of times into your hand and apply all of one's face until covered, then gently massage into the skin, I say gentle but I like to give it my all, it feels better, each to their own of course. Then once you feel like you can’t massage it in anymore, use the included sponge to wipe it off, making sure the sponge has been wetted in warm water beforehand, of course, you don’t want to sand your face off, that would just be painful.
Then Boom, look in the mirror, take a deep breath, you are cleansed, massaged and looking FAB.

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