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Platinum Grade - Caviar Platinum eye serum

We here we are again, the world in despair, even more so over here in good old England, we just pass Brexit and now we have COVID 19, I am not a negative kind of soul and as much as you may all worry, everything will be okay in the end, we will survive, we will get better and I will get rid of these god damn dark circles under my eyes. Oh sorry did you think this was a serious post?

Damn right it is, just not about how the world is falling apart for toilet roll, but as I always say, if you going to do something, you might as well do it looking your best, and for most, our best is never how we want it to be there is always something we want to change, something we want gone.
Surprisingly most of the things we dislike about ourselves have rather simple remedies, our as most call them products. As I said earlier, these god damn dark circles. It is always one thing I’ve disliked about myself, I mean my diet and general health is 100% not where it should be (backache of an 80+-year-old), but eating healthy and going to the gym isn’t always as simple as we wish it to be. Our busy lives get the better of us, but there are great solutions and to my dark-eyed one, there are many products to choose from, I have tried out a few in the past and the most common seem to be these caffeine eye-rollers, and to me, they did nothing, nothing at all. They didn’t seem to lighten the dark circles our give radiance at all, so I stopped trying, until recently.

I happened to try something with a bit more edge, a bit more of a kick to it, as you can see from my photography about, the product looks fab without even trying it, the product in hand is by Natura Siberica, it is their Caviar platinum intensive toning eye serum, which comes in the stunning UFO-like glass bottle with drip dispenser, the bottle is 30mls, which seems small but once you use it you realise a little goes a long way.
The basic rundown of the product is its key ingredients which are a unique combination of  Black Caviar, Platinum and an active northern lifting complex. Now I would explain in details about why these work so well, but I feel like the brands say it a lot better than I could, so below is what Natura siberica say about the product.

Now did you get all of that?
It is really interesting to see such unique and powerful ingredients together within a serum, I generally was surprised using the product, just from the ingredients alone you feel like you have something that really is going to work, and then you have the texture, smell and feel as well.
The texture is a light cream which slowly absorbs into the skin, you only need a small drop (pea size) to cover both the under-eye areas, this a mistake I made when I first used it, dropping out a 2 pence size blob on my hand haha!
Next up is the smell, which I can’t really put my finger on, it is a pleasant smell, kind of a light floral scent with a hint of sweetness to it, that stays with you for a while after applying, but I guess the key question is does it actually make any difference to those dark circles. For me its always a hard thing to tell, diet, sleep and health add a few bit of difference in general, but as far as I can tell, the serum is actually lightening the dark circles.
It is recommended to use day and night, even at lunch if you fancy a top-up, but I think if you maintain the use you are likely to see an even bigger difference over time.

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