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Pure Brilliance for the skin

We are all stuck inside due to the Coronavirus and as much as that means we can let back and try to stay sane, which is pretty hard after weeks of four walls, that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our daily activities, even more so our skincare routines.
You may be thinking why, what is the point if I am not going out, no one is going to see me, my skin, well you shouldn’t be doing it for other people but more so for yourself. Your skin gets used to the products you use, by not cleansing or moisturizing, you are giving up on everything you have been working on. It doesn’t take long for you to notice the difference in your skin if you just stop cleansing for a couple of days.

Cleansing doesn’t have to be a chore, you can cleanse your skin with so many different and wonderful products, but if you want something quick and effective then I would recommend using a spray based cleanser, one in which you can leave on the skin and carry on with the rest of your day.
This months pick is by Vestige Verdant Organic skincare, the product is Pure Brilliance Micellar cleansing water, which comes in a stunning 100ml black glass spray bottle, plenty to last you a few months of lockdown, depending on how much you use it that is.

Pure Brilliance is a natural organic Formula which helps to quickly cleanse your skin, removing grease, daily dirt and pollution as well as being able to remove makeup from the face, eyes and lips, all while doing so without harmful substances and chemicals. The best thing about cleansing water is just that, they are based around water and although you can read the ingredients and get worried about loads of ingredients you have never heard, with this product, there isn’t loads of ingredients and the ones that are there, are all natural and organic.

The cleansing water naturally helps restore the Ph balance in your skin while improving texture and tone, and we could all do with a bit of better tone while stuck indoors. But while being serious, your skin is no joke and cleansing it is very important, not only is it the most effective and gentlest way to clean the skin but it has the added benefits of toning, reviving and softening. Not all cleaners can do that, so it is worth checking before investing.

The best time to cleanse is in the morning and before bed at night, Vestige Verdant recommend spraying the cleansing water onto a cotton pad and then applying to the skin but I find it just as effective if you spray it directly onto your skin, either leave it like that or you can then use a cotton pad to spread it over the skin to your liking.
Remember, stay home, stay safe, stay cleansed.

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