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After lockdown - The hair raiser

Hello again readers, sirs, madams, gents and ladies.

this article is a hair raising cloud of we are still in lockdown but soon to be free to roam the planet again, or more likely just go back to work. it's on the radar and we are all looking forward to many things, me? a hair cut, I can't wait for a hair cut, I'm on my 12th week of lockdown so my hair is down past my shoulders now, okay it's not that long but it has got to the point where it is getting on my nerves a bit. it won't style the way I want it because it has become too long and heavy for my hair wax product.

so in search of something to help style it or prep it for styling, the key to styling the hair is mainly in how you dry the hair, imagine your hair is clay and you need to make it the shape it has to be before it dries, then once is dried it is locked into that place, then you add hair products to define that shape more, whether that be a dry or wet look, prep is key.

so to help along with my heavy hair I opted to try and give it an extra bit of volume to help give it a better shape. there a lot of different products to help do this but it also depends on your lifestyle and your hair type. for me I need something easy and quick, that will help the hair and also not weight it done more. I tried hair moose and hair serums but in the end, the winner had to be a hair spray by Rahua, it can be used on wet or dry hair for whatever needs you may have and does more than just help give volume.

The spray is the first 100% natural, USDA organic and alcohol-free hair spray with a unique molecular structure to create fibres when used regularly, it works by making these fibres on the outer layer of the hair, pushing the neighbouring hair apart and giving a more voluminous area, not only this but the hair spray also works to revitalize the scalp while keeping the hair in place, giving a soft but flexible hold on the hair.

The hair spray is aromatherapeutic and gives off the calming scents of lavender and eucalyptus, while citrus juices provide the staying power and rejuvenate the hair needs, its the sort of product that you buy for one thing but get the added bonus of it actually helping your hair along the way, its as simple as that folks.

now if you have never used such a spray before it is pretty simple to use if you know how to blow dry your properly and don't just blow it all over the place. firstly pat dry your wet hair with a towel so it isn't dripping wet, next you want to apply the spray, the best way to do this is in the mirror so you can see where you actually spray it, you want to do this generously, so spray it up yeah, next up, comb/brush your hair so that it is evenly spread throughout the hair, then its time to dry, I could explain this but everyone's hair is dry and styled different and you probably know that by now, so happy drying and looking voluminous.

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