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Lockdown - The hair Duo

Hello again wonderful people, welcome to another edition of lockdown is messing with me.

Well, it shouldn't be to start with, there are many great things to come out of lockdown, new talents, better or worst bodies, depending on if you like snacky snacks like me haha, but in all seriousness, there is so much going on in the world right now we forgot about important things but looking after ourself is a key part of being in lockdown and though we can't all go get a facial and our hair done, it doesn't mean we can't look after it ourself at home, after all there are so many amazing products out there to choose from.

I have talked about the skin in a couple of past lockdown articles, so I thought it was about time to talk about hair, that thing we are all dying to get cut, trimmed or you have shaven your head like so many Britneys out there, then your be waiting for it to grow back.

Now I would say the most important products for your hair happen to be the ones we use the most, that being shampoo and condition, I personally forget to use condition 50% of the time but I am getting better with it and yet using the wrong products can be bad for your hair, there are so many types of shampoo and condition out there and for every type of hair, from damaged hair to blonde brightening, it can all get a bit confusing, what if you need a bit of everything, just your daily shampoo that maintains your hair but with a bit of an extra kick to it.

Well, behold, this month's hair product is the Quince Citrus revitalizing Shampoo & Conditioner duo by Alteya - Certified organic, both products come in 200ml black plastic bottles( hmmm plastic is bad but recycling helps).

The shampoo is a daily use detox shampoo that helps to clarify the hair and balance the scalp which helps to improve the hair's overall health and add a bit of shine. it contains Quince, Baobab oil, and camelina which together help nourish, energize and hydrate the hair and scalp while providing essential antioxidant protection.

the conditioner is an invigorating treatment for the hair which helps to lock in hydration while detangling and smoothing, making your hair easier to manage over time. it contains cupuacu butter which helps protect from pollution and over damaging environmental effects and of course it also contains Quince Extract to hydrate and revive the hair. 

together the shampoo and condition are perfect for normal, dry or oily hair, whatever be your need, they are an ideal duo for those on the go, something easy and quick, not like we are going anywhere soon that is, but can also be enjoyed if you want a slow relaxing shower/bath.

I would give you all a usage on how to use such products but by now you probably should have washed your hair a good few times in life and if you haven't then maybe stay in lockdown a little longer haha.

This product duo can be found at

Stay safe, stay home.

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