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The sunkissed lockdown

we are only in spring and the weather here in England has been very hot, which is great because we are all stuck in lockdown, but if you are one of the lucky ones to have a garden, that means you get to enjoy it in somewhat safety of sorts. but that's not even the worse part, if you have been working in lockdown, then you wouldn't have had much time at all to enjoy the sun.

now if you are like me and love a good bronze skin tone then the sun is a must, or is it? Well, it never really works too well and I love a good tan so I cheat a bit like 50% of tanned people I hit the sunbeds and also use fake tan, it helps speed up the process a lot, but doing so can be dangerous if not done right, balancing products and sunbeds is important, I use a sunbed (before lockdown) about once a week, and would then use a product to add the finishing kick it needs to be a golden bronze tan. but as we are just in lockdown, using a sunbed is a bit out the question and so is the sun as I am working indoors most days.

picking the right product is also key, for me, I really don't like instant tans, they are a bit to fake, can be patchy and messy, I prefer gradual tans, like creams and gels, they come in a lot of different product types, shapes and sizes, I have used waters that you apply with a pad to think creams that never seem to dry, but the best is always a gradual moisturize/milk and the product featured is just the right fit.

Madara natural look tan milk is the product featured, I have used there products before and they are high on my list of great products which I am always happy to try out and continue using, this self-tan milk comes in a 150ml bottle which is plenty and will last you a while depending on how you use it, i.e I apply it to the areas which will be seen only, it saves a lot of product.

This is what I call a gradual tan, you can build it up over time to give a more richer color without just becoming overly fake from it, it gives you a natural sunkissed glow from the first use and if you want to add a little more after it has worked its magic you can do, that is the great thing about these.

it simple to use, just apply to the areas you want to be covered using a circular motion making sure every part is covered, level it to dry off for 10mintues before putting your clothing on ( i recommend dark clothing) the tan will develop over 6-8 hours and you don't need to shower it off, boom you are looking fresh, golden and tanned.

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