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The back to work roses

Lockdowns over Going back to work, gyms and all that jazz will start to take its toll on us, mental and psychically, I for one have been full steam ahead since going back to work and
my body is feeling it for sure, but even more than just my body, my skin is feeling it, lots of traveling, public transport and city air pollution has hit me like a giant slap to the face.

I admit that in lockdown I did ease off on my skincare routine, we all kind of full into a state of not bothering to do much at all, but now is the time to step the game back up to where it was and beyond.
I have started to make sure that I am cleansing my skin every morning before anything else and then adding moisture 10mins after doing the cleanse, which has made a big difference to how my skin is at the end of the day.
I always try to use different cleansers from month to month but I always seem to go back to rose water, so here is this months beautiful bottle of dreams for you.

the answer to why I always seem to go back to rosewater is simple, it works, it's natural and it smells amazing, who doesn't want to wake up and smell roses in the morning and even though I am using rose water again, of course, I picked a different brand to try out this time, just for you guys.
so this month rose water is the Inika phytoactive Micellar Rosewater.
this gentle facial cleansing water uses micelles to effectively remove impurities and makeup if you wear it, without leaving the skin feeling dry.
the rose water is alcohol-free and contains natural plant sugars and aloe vera juice to help support balance and complexion in the skin.

it couldn't be simpler to use, for those who haven't used it before, here is what to do, grab yourself a cotton pad and rosewater, soak the cotton with the rosewater and then gently smooth it all of the face, leave it to dry and you are done, boom, simple as that.

the rose water is suitable for all skin types and hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested and if you're a guy out there thinking to yourself, oh I don't want to smell like roses. think again guys, the rose has been said to be the most attractive smell in the world.

you can check out the rosewater and many more great products at and check out my video ad below.

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