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The sweet nectar of layering on the skin

we all have our own tips and tricks t skincare, but for most of us one thing remains the same, morning and night, we are either putting something on or taking something off, but the most important thing is, what we are putting on and taking off.
For me, skincare at night gets more attention, I have more time to focus on me, mornings just aren't my thing.

so what do I do at night, well I do layering, you're probably thinking what the hell is layering, well its what i call using a few different products to achieve a nice layer of fresh and balanced skin.

starting with a cleanser of course, something like inikia rose water to cleanse away that surface day dirt, after doing that I will use a mask like Madara pollution mud mask to get deeper into the skin, once I have washed that off I would dry my skin and then dry brush with an exfoliator brush to help get rid of any build of dead skin cells ( i tend to get a build-up around my nose)
once that's done I will do another cleanse but this time with an oil cleanse like JOIK. now by this point, you're probably thinking that's a lot of product but it's not if used the right way, all of these products used so far are for cleaning the skin, and it's not until you do it you realize just what a difference it can all make.

but cleansing the skin is nothing if you aren't going to add back to the skin what you are taking away from it, skincare is all about balancing the right amount of everything to get the key result for your skin. so what to add after. it's more like what order to add them, sometimes i feel some moisture sprays can block the effectiveness of other products so now i tend to add them after everything else. starting with a serum or nectar as a base and this month
i have picked up a new brand I haven't used before, that product is the Blue cypress face nectar by Ere Perez Australian.
a small and power product that lays a great all-day product or an even better base for even more. the nectar is lightweight and fast-absorbing, made with nourishing botanicals to give you deeply revitalizing skin, infused with Australian blue cypress, camellia, jasmine flower, frankincense, jojoba, cedarwood and rice for a visibly fresh and youthful complexion.

the nectar has natural antioxidant and a nonoily radical hydration and anti-inflammatory properties combined with omegas to help plump your skin and reduce signs of tiredness and general environmental effects, giving your skin everything it needs after a long day of work and refreshing awakening to your bedtime.

simply add a few drops to your fingertips and apply all over your face, give it a few mins to absorb into your skin and take effect, once this is done you have a couple more options you can do to help your skin. the first is to spray a toner over the nectar which will help seal in all that nourishment or two you can add a cream moisturizer to the skin, allow that to dry, and then spray with a toner on top of that.
now you're talking about the true effects of layering it up. but your skin will thank you for it in the long run.

all info on these products can found on this website and can be brought at
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