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Fighting the mask effects

Welcome back!

I have been off here a little while due to some tech issues and the world slowly getting back to normal, well we say back to normal but really it is just a mess. I for one have been back to work and working back in the city and have really taken its toll on my skin and it doesn't help to have to wear a mask for hours on end but then it is all for our safety after all.

But I have felt a few different effects which go along with masks and being in the city, one is my skin seem to be producing more sebum (oily feeling) and I also seem to be getting spots, which doesn't happen often at all. I can only think that my skin is 1. got used to the air of being locked in a house for months on end and is now being affected by city air and 2.the mask is collect bacteria from being on my face and then in my pocket.

I cleanse my skin every day anyway and change it up often but something I don't change up or give more thought to is the soap or shower gel I use, so to try and combat this issues I sort to swap this up and go for something I don't use often which is bar soap and something with an added kick to it as well. The product of choice was from Madara and was there Charcoal Detox Soap, the perfect thing for what I need, a detox.

To be honest, having a shower isn't something I need to explain to you guys, I am sure you all know how to do such a thing but the main point is that changing up something small can make a big difference to your skin. This soap may be small but being filled with charcoal gives it a natural and intensely purifying properties, activated charcoal is used in so many products now and that is because it really does work. Charcoal draws out toxins and impurities which gets deep into the skin while still acting gently in the process of cleaning your skin.

I have never really like bar soap but this has made a big difference to how my skin feels and has helped reduce the effects of the city and mask, charcoal ah, what a wonderful thing.

You can pick up this soap at

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