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The Body & Hair Boost

It's great to be back to somewhat reality after what can only be called the year from hell.

We have all had our own experiences and issues and many of them we have all in common is not being able to maintain our hair and bodies. This could be anything from not being able to hit the gym to have your eyebrows done. But now we are all able to again to some level we can at least know we are all looking up to our own standards. 

But that doesn't mean to lack of home care either, the effects of lockdown not only affected how we look but also how we feel and this can really affect our bodies. For me it has been stressful, this has affected my skin really badly, being red and dry a lot more than what i would consider normal and it has also affected my hair, my hair usually grows rather fast and has plenty of natural volume, but since lockdown that has all changed, so here are two products i have selected that are helping me combat these effects and really can make a difference if you are suffering from the same range of issues.

First up is for the hair and I have chosen a treatment to give the hair a well-needed boost, the product is Madara 3 Min Growth-Boost Scalp Treatment and comes in a 100ml bottle.

The base of this product is Chaterelle Fungi and it is designed to be a quick and easy 3 min simulating pre-shampooing treatment with everything you need to get your hair and scalp back to where it needs to be using a formulation of caffeine, zinc, amino acids and vitamins B3 & B5. These ingredients help to thicken, revitalize, and prevent hair loss. 

Second up is the body, for this, you would think it would be a lotion, cream, or moisturize but before applying such things we tend to bath/shower so I feel this is an equally good place to start. The product is Christopher Courtney London Monoi de Tahiti Luxury Spa Bath Shower Gel and comes in a 200ml bottle.

This 2 in 1 is another product packed with ingredients to get your hair and skin all it needs to be back to balance again.

The gel contains Aloe Vera, Hydrolysed Wheat Protein, Honey, Oat & Bamboo extracts as well as Gardenia Absolute, Cinnamon and clove oils.
This formulation together is not only rich in vitamins but its ingredients are designed to naturally relax the skin and mind while soothing not only your skin but your hair as well, keeping moisturizer looked in and gently cleansing.

Each product alone works to help restore, but together they work to balance out everything you need all at once.

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