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Hello, Me again.

Firstly I hope you are all okay and doing as well as can be.

I want to talk to you all about something we all hate admitting and yet at some point or another we will suffer from it. That's right I am talking about bad skin!

Yep it happens to us all, it doesn't matter how much you try to avoid it there are too many factors at play not to get. Myself? I get dry skin or very bad skin almost every month no matter what I use and the factors at play for me are stress, smoking, and city air. Okay, maybe my diet as well.

Some of these can be controlled and are of choice and some can't, it's all about balance and trying to find that medium. If I get out of the shower I exfoliate with a dry brush to get rid of the dry skin every time, moisturizer and products help but this just keeps happening. But that seems to be slowing down thanks to a recommendation from a friend, she stuffs from the same sort of thing and said to try this Necta Perfecta Enzyme Mask by Beegood, and knowing me I wasn't going to say no, I love my products as you can probably tell.

So I picked up a tub from my go-to beauty store (lovelula) and after a couple of weeks of using it I have noticed a big difference in the amount of dry skin I suffer from. The Mask is a multi-tasking youth-enhancing face and body enzyme mask designed to prepare your skin and maximize the use of other skincare and makeup by restoring problematic skin and dryness whatever your age or skin type.

The blam has some strong key ingredients that make it effective in doing what is meant to do they included anti-aging Camelina oil blended with Vitamin E-rich Wheatgerm Oil to combat free radicals while improving the skins elasticity, British honey, beeswax & 100% natural plant waxes combine to help plump the skin & look in moisture protecting the skin from dehydration which can lead to dry skin issues.

Bee good has a few recommendations on how is best to use the product which are as follows.
Facial complexion booster Apply sparingly to dry, cleansed skin. Leave for the desired time then remove with a damp cloth using small circular movements. 60 seconds - for a flash facial! 5-10 minutes - for a weekly complexion booster Up to 1 hour - for a 'pampering at home' facial treatment Leave it on overnight for an intensive treatment SOS mask Apply sparingly to areas of dry skin and leave for up to 20 minutes. Remove using a mitt or muslin and warm water. For an extra intensive treat for feet, leave on overnight with a pair of cotton socks and wake to baby-soft skin.

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