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Winter Trio Skincare

First off let me start by saying Happy new year, and yes if you are UK-based that means we are back in lockdown yet again, but the best start to 2021 but I have hope that things will get better.

For most of Europe, December through to March is Winter season, its cold, wet, snowy, Even if we are all stuck inside the cold weather can have a big impact on our skin and I for one always see these effects take place, which include dry and cracked skin mainly on my face and hands, they become sensitive and sore. There is always a simple solution to this and that is using hand and face creams/moisturizers. So I have put together a trio to help you and me combat these winter effects and have chosen some great products from one of my favourite brands Madara Organic skincare.

1.Madara melting cleansing oil.

Now you could be wondering why I have included a cleansing product in this and it is simple. You need a clean base to optimize the great properties of other products. If you put a moisturizer on oily, dirty skin, it’s not going to absorb as well and will also lock all that unwanted oil and dirt into your skin. Pretty pointless if you ask me.

This oil-based cleanser works deeply while acting gently on your skin helping to help melt away oil, makeup and a day of pollution.

Formulated using cleansing agents including Vitamin E, Primrose, and almond oil, it not only cleanses deep into the skin removing impurities but also hydrates and soothes leaving you with a nourished and clean complexion. 

To use: simply add to dry or damp skin, massage in a circular motion with a little added water and then rinse off thoroughly.

2. Madara deep moisture nourish cream

So now you have a clean base you can get on with the repair work as I like to call it. This Nourish cream is pack full of wonderful ingredients to get your skin feeling 100% again, some of the ingredients included are Jojoba seed oil, cacao seed butter, sea-buckthorn extract and plantain leaf extract.

These ingredients together give up to 24hours of intensive hydration and soothing to the skin, exactly what is need in the cold season, after just one application you will feel a difference, in this weather your skin carves moisture just as much as it does in the sun.

To use simply pump on to fingertips and massage into the skin avoiding the eyes until well absorbed.

3. Madara infusion blanc supreme hydration hand cream.

Now onto the part that gets forgotten more often than most but always needs a bit of tender love and care, Your hands.

I always forget to look after my hands and yet they are used more than any other body part and take a beating in reality. My hands become very dry and cracked and with this they become sore.

This hand cream from Madara packs a punch and makes a real difference from just a couple of uses. The silky-smooth cream quickly absorbs into the skin to instantly soften and hydrate the skin. It combines softening oat extract and essences of jasmine and meadowsweet to restore and soothe those dry and sore areas. The cream is infused with NEURO WELL-BEING BIO COMPLEX + essence of thyme and lemon balm which Stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis; Preventing neuroagein.

To use simply pump onto hands and massage until well absorbed

So there you have it my winter trio skincare. If you haven't used Madara before, I highly rate them and you can find all of the above products at

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